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Get the yard you want

Kenny Grebe, Owner

Truth is, you could spend your free time working on your yard, with the
mowing, edging, pruning, leaf blowing,
seeding, fertilizing, dead-heading,
weed pulling, tree trimming, planting,
trash removing – UGH!

You can even sweat it out installing your own landscape design or irrigation system…if you want to.

Or, you can let us do these things
for you.

Let Red Shovel give you the lush lawn or weed-free xeriscape you’ve imagined, the easy way.

We save you from time drain, back strain and sunburn!

Call for a FREE quote (right over the phone!) on:

  • any individual service we offer
  • one of our bundled service plans
  • or an Unlimited Service Plan for YOUR yard

We’re Albuquerque’s local, nature-loving, groundskeeping heroes. We specialize in sustainable landscaping, native flowers and grasses and shrubs, tree care and turf care, with eco-friendly products and practices.

100% awesome yard. Zero sweat. Guaranteed.

“New studies show 88% of garden gnomes and 97% of ALL yards prefer Red Shovel.”

Red Shovel…extraordinary.

“We’re turning hellish yards into Gardens of Eden, all over town.”